“You Don’t Have to Be Caribbean to Be Caribbean,” Says the Founder of Tempo Networks, Frederick A. Morton, Jr.

The Caribbean is truly a bastion of multiculturalism. The African, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, and European are just some of the many ethnicities that inhabit the Caribbean Islands – making it a region marked by an incredibly diverse racial makeup. Its history of immigration, colonization, slavery and other historical influences is what makes the Caribbean a melting pot of cultures. 

While they’re known for the great weather and incredible beaches, the islands are jam-packed with cultural attractions; be it in the form of cuisine, music, rituals, or traditions. A region so diverse and diasporic necessarily called for mainstream media attention and recognition. And this call was answered by the patriotic Frederick A. Morton, Jr. He not only founded TEMPO Networks but also advanced it to showcase the culturally rich and trendsetting Caribbean community and lifestyle in all its colors.

Being the first and only pan-Caribbean entertainment, lifestyle, and music broadcast network, TEMPO Networks has specifically been developed keeping in mind the age-old dream of all Caribbean people – to be widely and equally represented through a shared media channel. 

“In terms of audience, I believe it’s the world,” said Frederick when asked about the channel’s viewers. “The entire world has been consuming our culture for years; they don’t just come in for the sun and sauna at the beach, they come in to really feel us, the tempo, the rhythm,” he further added. 

Under the prolific founder’s able leadership, guidance, and inspiration, TEMPO has been able to positively affect and change the lives of its viewers, which currently stand at five million cable viewers and millions more on its social media and digital platforms. The entertainment brand brings them all the richness and diversity that the Caribbean has to offer and the chance to be the Caribbean no matter where they are. 

“You don’t have to be Caribbean to be Caribbean,” Frederick said while sharing his views of what makes the Caribbean so special. According to him, it is the way they live and their lifestyle that makes them Caribbean at heart. That’s what TEMPO is all about; a true celebration and representation of Caribbean life beyond entertainment, encompassing all inspirational, progressive, and educational levels and breaking any linguistic, geographic, or cultural barriers on its way. 

If there’s one place to experience all things Caribbean, it’s TEMPO Networks. Visit the channel’s website and feel the Caribbean tempo and rhythm. 

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