Influencer Jeremy Jenson Explains What Working “Hands Off” Looks Like For an HR Recruiter

Control, when practiced expertly, is an excellent thing for success in business, and can be primarily effective in a workplace where you have control over your employees’ results and outcomes. However, many people are not in the market for being controlled; rather, they want to learn a skill or get in line for a career in a respective field. Jeremy Jenson, CEO of Encore Search Partners, is adopting a more laid-back style of leadership by delegating the work to the employees, calling it his “hands off” approach. 

Jeremy explains that in very simple words: “I do a great job of delegating and elevating.” He lets his employees do the work and helps them later by suggesting and giving points to improve on. He also explains what he wants as an outcome and leaves it to them to work on. He explains that he “ hires extremely talented people, shows them the tools to work with, and clearly explains the desired end result… then  gets out of their way.”

As an expert recruiter, Jeremy has his own pick of the season when talking about hiring people for his work. Like any recruiter, he looks for the most talented and skilled people to work for him, but he ensures there is a lot of trust between him and his employees. One needs to establish mutual trust between themselves and the people around them. Jeremy understands this and has been able to use it to surround himself with like-minded, over-achieving people who empower each other and also inspire him to be the best version of himself. 

Having an almost “laissez-faire” leadership style does require a whole lot of work on its own. Jeremy tries to encourage his employees to show their creative side, which comes with some costs. He always has to stay on his toes and think of different strategies to penetrate the market, so he teams up with ambitious professionals like him to do the marketing and targeting. 

Regardless of the costs, this method has been working very well for Jeremy and his company. His clients are very happy with the results they get, and his business is growing slowly but surely. With all the organic growth, Jeremy finds that he will be one of the pioneers of recruitment and be at the top of the market with the best and most creative people by his side.

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