Myths and facts about eyes

When was the last time that you thought about your eyes? Have you paid any attention to their upkeep and their health?

If you are guilty of not being on top of your eye health, you are not alone. Many of us take the important task performed by our eyes for granted. We don’t consider their health and may do things that jeopardize their wellbeing.

An important thing that we do wrong is not have the right information on us. Not knowing what is correct, what is a myth can lead to taking steps that are either unnecessary or worse yet, harmful for the health of the eyes and vision.

Alongside knowing the pertinent information, it is also vital that you consult only your Eye doctor in Lahore when it comes to the health of your eyes. Don’t trust anyone but an expert with something as precious as your vision!

Eyes: Myths Vs. Facts

Carrots will help you keep healthy eyes


The basic premise of carrots being good for eyes is because they contain vitamin A, which helps in vision. However, your body only needs so much vitamin A. Plus, there are many other dietary sources of vitamin A, including fish, milk, leafy vegetables etc.

Excessive use of screens is not good


Many people think that screens are not good for the eyes, but the underlying reasoning is important here. Some wrongly assume that it is because screens can lead to vision problems. That is not why excessive use of screen is bad; too much screen time can cause computer vision syndrome.

Eye exercises can help with the vision


Eye exercise cannot change your vision problems; these are caused due to problems with the lens. Eye exercises can help with strain in the eyes, but it will not alter the need for using glasses.

Vitamin A can help with vision correction


Vitamin A can only help you in keeping healthy vision, it will not however undo the damage done to your eyes. If you already have vision correction issues, taking vitamin A will not undo it.

Looking at the Sun is healthy for the eyes


Unfortunately, this misconception can be harmful. While you need sunlight for vitamin D, however, you don’t need to look into the Sun for this. Gazing directly Sun without wearing sunglasses is rather dangerous.

Reading in the dark can damage your eyesight


When the light is dim, your eyes have to work extra hard in deciphering the material. However, it does not damage the eyesight, although it can cause sign eye strain.

Sitting close to the television screen can cause vision problems


It is a common misconception that sitting too close to the television screen is bad for vision. However, that is not entirely correct. When you are not at a safe distance from the screen, it can cause digital eye strain, the symptoms of which include pain in the shoulders, headaches, dry eyes, watering of the eyes etc.

Wearing wrong prescription glasses can damage your vision


The purpose of the glasses is to allow for to change the angle of the light rays, so they converge at the correct point for the person to see properly. If you are not wearing the correct prescription, it just means that the light is not converging at the correct point, which has no effect on the lens of the eyes.

Poor or improper vision can lead other problems like vision issues, headaches etc.

You don’t need to visit the doctor until something is wrong with you


You should not be resorting to the doctor when you think something is amiss; you should regularly visit your Eye Specialist in Karachi for general checkup. Many problems don’t manifest in the initial stages, and it is only possible for one to have knowledge of this problem when checked by an expert.

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