Foods that Help to Increase the Libido

Libido is a word that most of us do not understand and are not familiar with. But according to the best sexologist in Islamabad, libido is another name for sexual drive or desire. 

It is something that is mostly affected by a large number of factors which are both external and internal. From various hormones to a series of health habits all such things culminate and lead to either the suppression or elevation of this libido. 

One of the primary factors which cause a serious decline in libido is age. People who are on the borderline of old age are often affected by low sex drive. Yet there are some natural ways that can prove to be quite effective in increasing your libido. 

Certain Types of Fruits

You should try to eat a bundle of foods as they are not only rich in a number of antioxidants but also great to boost up your sexual potential. Although there is little evidence to support this claim yet there is no harm in experimentation as eating fruits promises good health and wellbeing. 

Some good food options for this case are given below

  • Figs
  • Bananas
  • Avocados

In addition to providing all the needed minerals and vitamins, fruits act as great aphrodisiacs for giving your libido a healthy boost. The minerals lead to a strong supply of blood to the genitals which overall improves the context of the discussion. 

Try to Eat Chocolates

Chocolates are not only good for your cravings but are also considered to be a symptom of desire. But who would have known that eating chocolate can improve your sex drive as well? 

This dark food option is known to release chemicals such as phenethylamine and serotonin into the body. Both these compounds are also known to produce aphrodisiac effects. 

Several studies have also commented that people who are aligned with eating chocolates tend to feel the strong impact on sex drive both biologically and psychologically. 


Oysters are another food option that is known to have quality aphrodisiac properties. These sea treats are loaded with the right deal of zinc which is an essential compound for increased blood circulation. This helps to promote a stable blood flow to the genitals which is highly important for libido and overall sexual health. 

Zinc is a highly essential compound that is important for and holds special importance for male fertility as it leads to the production and regulation of testosterone levels. 

Oysters are hands down one of the most popular dishes that is high on the level of zinc. But if you want to skip this one because you cannot comprehend the scent then do not fear as we have the following options for you as well.

  • Beef
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Baked beans


Another food that is straight out of the oceans and one of the best foods for you to boost up your libido is salmon. This fish will help to keep your body and sexual health intact as it is rich in omega 3s. 

Omega 3s are essential and vital as it helps to protect the plaque buildup in the arteries and thus protect from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. 

According to scientific research, fish is rich in protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and loads and loads of iron. 

Nuts and Seeds

Rather than chugging down a lot of candy and thus artificial sweets, you should snack on nuts and seeds. Almonds and cashews are full-on zinc and promise good health and sexual wellbeing. 

Looking for varieties of nuts to chew on. Let’s keep the following options in check:

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Sunflower seeds

All of these above-mentioned nuts are not only good for overall hemostasis on cold winter nights but are also worthy of your time if you are looking to increase your sex drive. 


Beets are another way to increase your libido. From various vitamins to a series of antioxidants, beets are able to provide all such important nutrients to the body. Beets also help to provide your body with the necessary amount of dietary fibers and nutrients. They are not only essential for blood circulation but also lead to an improvement in sexual hormones as well as sexual desires. 

Beetroot juice when consumed in light dose4s at regular intervals can improve the physical demeanor as well as the ability of a person. The dietary nitrates of beetroot juice also play a key role in managing the overall blood pressure of a person which helps to seize the said cause in an active manner. 

The Bottom Line

Although all these foods greatly affect the overall sexual performance of a person, we also advise you to talk it out with your doctor. They will guide you according to your body’s needs and will draft a plan accordingly. 

Till then make sure to eat a lot of good foods and stay healthy!


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