Industrial Design Companies In Orange County

If you are looking for an industrial design company that can help you with your design needs, look no further. Here are a few of the best ones in Orange County.

Tandem Product Design

Tandem Product Design is an Orange County based industrial design firm specializing in consumer electronics and medical devices. Their award winning products have been gracing the showrooms of some of the world’s largest brands since 2009. The team specializes in high-quality, low-cost product development services. This includes the design of consumer electronics, smart accessories, mobile and wearable tech, and medical devices. During the past five years, Tandem has won eleven CES awards for their designs.

In addition to their design work, the company has partnered with many start-up companies to create prototypes and help them make the cut. A recent project involved a phone booth that allows a person with diabetes to make calls with a Bluetooth headset and a framery.


A company called Andesign has tripped my radar. As the name suggests, it’s a design and manufacturing firm with a focus on consumer goods. Although headquartered in Santa Ana, the company has moved on to Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. One of the most impressive feats of a company like this is its ability to hire talent from across the globe. The company has a roster of well-respected designers, engineers and craftsmen to boot. Using an industrial design companies orange county, the company can turn your vision into reality.

While there’s a plethora of design firms in the area, it’s worth noting that one firm has a specialized product that has garnered national and international attention. In fact, its latest creation is the most highly rated smartphone of its kind.

Meta Reality Labs

Meta Reality Labs, a spinoff of Facebook, lost more than $2 billion in the second quarter. They had generated $452 million in revenue, but it seems they are now losing money while they transition. Those losses compared to revenues have made it difficult for the company to continue its business model. The company is now focused on virtual reality. Its main product is an open-world virtual reality app called Horizon Worlds. Brands have opened digital venues on Horizon Worlds.

Meta is investing heavily in augmented and virtual reality. Their marketing team must design campaigns to drive adoption of these devices. A new approach to human interaction has the potential to revolutionize our world. The metaverse will provide a new environment where people can socialize, perform, and meet. Hundreds of billions of dollars in commerce is expected to be found in the metaverse.

The Design Team

The Design Team is a name to be reckoned with. As an Orange County design firm they have an extensive portfolio of clients ranging from local start-ups to the large boys of the industrial design world. They are also a leading innovator in the IoT space. So if you’re looking for the next big thing, look no further than the team. From high-end product design to slick web and mobile UI design, they’ll have you covered.

In particular, a visit to their new digs in Costa Mesa, California, will be sure to tingle your taste buds and your wallet. With more than 18 full-time designers, engineers and developers, they’re well-suited for a variety of projects and industries.

Job description for a Jr. Industrial Designer

Industrial design companies Orange County are responsible for creating new products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. As such, they need to have a variety of skills, including strong communication and organizational abilities. This is an excellent job for a creative person who is willing to learn. It will give the ideal candidate the opportunity to work on a wide range of different products. They will also have the chance to collaborate with other departments and external key players.

An industrial designer’s role is to use their artistic skills and engineering knowledge to conceptualize new products and create designs that function properly and look good. To do this, they need to have a solid grasp of how to use computer software and hardware.

Outsourcing To A Contract Manufacturer

If you have a new product and you don’t have the resources to manufacture it yourself, you may want to consider outsourcing industrial design to a contract manufacturer. Contract manufacturers have the experience and know-how to help you create a quality product. But before you hire a manufacturing company, you must find out if it will suit your needs.

The key to choosing the right outsourcing partner is to ensure that they have the capabilities to produce the products you need, without compromising your business. Make sure that they have a history of protecting your intellectual property and maintaining the privacy of your information.

Before you hire a contract manufacturing company, ask them if they have the necessary equipment and experience. You’ll need to have a good idea of their production speed and quality. It’s also important to find out about their ability to respond to issues during production.

Last Word

If you’re an Orange County business looking for ways to increase productivity, lower costs and improve quality, consider working with a qualified contract manufacturer. These companies have been known to cut down on development times while boosting quality. A small startup with limited resources may find it hard to make their product ideas a reality. This is where an industrial design company comes in. The company uses a streamlined process that reduces the time it takes to bring your idea to market.

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