From Creating Her Own Recipes to Celebrating the Joy of Every Season with Food, Meet the Ultimate Food Enthusiast Sylvia Fountaine of ‘Feasting at Home’

Food is a lot more than survival. Since ancient times, the sharing of food has been used to celebrate the joy of life and even today, dining together or cooking up nourishing food for the families is one of the ways many cultures show love and affection. Without a doubt, a hearty meal has the ability to brighten our celebrations. 

Keeping up with the ancient tradition of finding joy in food and fusing it with her aim to promote healthy living, food blogger Sylvia Fountaine has emerged as a ray of hope for all those looking for healthy food inspiration. While many food influencers are doing the same, Sylvia has managed to set herself apart from others. “When I look at other successful food bloggers out there- perhaps one thing I have that many others don’t have is 20 years of experience as an actual chef. I create my own recipes!” says Sylvia.

You will be surprised to know that Sylvia has a rich background in culinary arts. After switching from her initial career in Counseling Psych, she took the giant leap of pursuing her passion for cooking. She started with a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Spokane, LA. Describing it as ‘a very meat and potatoes town,’ Sylvia counts it as one of her first achievements as it turned out to be an instant success despite being a veggie-forward eatery. 

Sylvia ventured further into the food business by initiating a successful catering facility, providing top-notch services for weddings and huge parties. Decades of working as a caterer and doing the same thing repeatedly led her to reevaluate her life choices. She was tired and wanted to explore her love for culinary arts further while maintaining a work-life balance. And that is how she stumbled onto blogging. “I started generating good income, and life got so much EASIER. I quit catering four years ago and have never looked back,” she shared.

Having started and grown her two businesses, Sylvia had learned that perseverance was the only way forward. While social media remained her biggest challenge, she has been able to overcome the struggles with grace and today is one of the leading food bloggers. She masters the art of creating healthy food recipes and shares their beautiful pictures with her followers on Instagram. 

You’ll be surprised to know that her talent is not only limited to cooking good, nutritious food or curating simple yet delicious recipes but also extends to photography. Her page @Feastingathome is a treat for all the foodies out there. The best thing about her recipes is that she is a staunch supporter of cooking with seasonal local produce, which she believes is the best way to brighten up your meals and add variety to your table throughout the year. 

Celebrate the joy of each season and learn the easy yet healthy food recipes from the master chef turned blogger Sylvia Fountaine by checking out her website here

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