How to Increase Instagram Photo Views

It is crucially important to provide visually stunning, high-quality content that can capture the interest of a larger audience if you want to increase the amount of views of the images you post on Instagram.

If you believe that you are already posting content that satisfies these criteria, try to “compare yourself” against the most well-liked users on the photo social network so you can get inspiration from their work (which most definitely does not mean imitating them! It’s obvious!

What are the practical steps to take?

Utilizing Instagram’s “Explore” section, which ranks photographs and videos based on how popular they are, is the easiest approach to achieve this. Simply click the magnifying glass icon from the official Instagram program or the compass from the online version to go there.

Try to grasp which subjects are most successful, how to deal with them, and the ways users use to make images aesthetically more appealing and fascinating after viewing the most popular Instagram photos, followed by the ones at the top.

Try to publish content that is qualitatively similar to what is seen, but without sacrificing adding a touch of originality to your photos. You might do this by using the same filters or making the same adjustments to all of your photos once you understand the strategy to adopt to increase the views of the photos on Instagram.

Check out the guide I provided if you want to learn more about the topic and get additional “tips” on how to produce stunning images for Instagram.

How to increase Instagram video views

Do you want more people to watch the video you posted on the photo-sharing website Instagram, in this case? You’ll discover that if you put the following advice into practice, you can gradually increase your audience size.

Post captivating and excellent videos.

Posting high-quality, interesting videos is the first step you need to do to increase video views on Instagram. Consider this: aren’t these characteristics what encourage you to watch a video (on Instagram or elsewhere)?

Then you need to work on getting Instagram users to experience the same “mental mechanism” so that when they browse through their feed, they feel compelled to view the video you posted rather than going on.

Post videos that are intriguing (perhaps relevant to your profile), are not shot in dimly lit or overly bright environments, and may even be nicely stabilized. Speaking of which, read the insights where I went on to discuss how to make the best use of programs like Avidemux and imovie if you’re interested in how to enhance video quality and how to stabilize a video.

You can add music, essays, or hilarious movies to your Instagram videos to make them more entertaining to watch; if the stuff you share is original, your audience will value it much.

A good video description

The description of the video. It is crucial to get the Instagram algorithm to display it to more users. You can use hashtags, or phrases (typically written in English) preceded by the symbol (#), to improve the description of the videos you post on Instagram.

Hashtags help to “tag” the published content and make it easier for people to find it through Instagram searches.

I suggest using hashtags that are both well-liked and pertinent to the information in the videos when you describe them.

You can use third-party services like the website of or some ad hoc applications like hashtags for Instagram to find out which ones are the most popular; all of these options are totally free.

In addition to using hashtags effectively, utilize the description to arouse users’ curiosity who will see the video post published. For instance, ask users who will see the video post, “Have you ever seen such a thing while…?” or “Are you curious what happened to me yesterday? You’ll get the answer if you watch the video.

How to increase Instagram story views

Would you like your Instagram Stories to receive more views? You can do something useful in this situation as well to ensure that more people view this content; let’s find out what that is.

Gain more followers

It is evident that a substantial portion of Instagram users who view Stories are individuals who already follow the content producers. This implies that growing your following has the same effect as growing the possible audience for the Stories themselves.

If you presently have 500 followers, only 45–50 of them will be able to see your Stories, according to estimates given by various analytics organizations. Only roughly 9–10% of users are interested in the Stories shared by those they follow on Instagram.

Do you ever wonder how you can get more people to follow you on Instagram so that more people can see your Stories? The quality of the content you provide and how frequently you post it are two things you may pay attention to to improve the situation, but unfortunately there are no “magic bullets” that enable you to do this.

Avoid publishing images and videos that are blurry or have other evident problems since visual content and its quality are actually given a lot of weight on Instagram.

Additionally, by consistently publishing high-quality content, you will raise your chances of being seen by other users who may elect to follow you and then see your Stories if they are interested in the subjects addressed in the posts.

We assure you that if you focus on these two factors, you will gradually gain more followers on the photo social network.

There are other additional methods you may use to expand your Instagram following; if you recall, I already went into great detail about them in the advice I just provided.

Use the stories to draw in the audience.

If you want to boost the number of individuals who see this kind of information, you must engage your Stories audience. What are the practical steps to take? One technique is that I favor the usage of videos over photos since they have a far higher level of engagement.

By establishing a more personal connection with your audience through video, you may encourage them to do particular activities, like watching the content you’ll be posting on Stories in the following days. Or Instagram following you (if there is someone who is not yet a follower of yours).

The use of polls is a very helpful technique for enhancing Instagram Stories’ visual appeal. One has been made available on Instagram for some time. Why not use the interactive sticker, which enables you to conduct surveys within the Stories, to find out what your audience thinks of a certain subject or about a situation you described on Instagram? You’ll grow used to your followers interacting with you if you do this frequently, and you’ll be motivated to watch every single one of your Stories!

You are welcome to read the post I already wrote on my blog if you want to learn more about the topic and the specifics of how Instagram polls operate. I have no doubt that you will find this reading to be of great benefit.

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