The Soundproof Performance Of VIG

Whether you are constructing a new home or simply looking to upgrade your old one, you’ll want to check out the soundproof performance of VIG. It is a product that is rated to block out both medium and low frequency penetrating noises. It is also able to block thermal transmission.

Thermal Performance

Using 3D FEM simulations, soundproof perfromance of VIG product can be analysed to provide valuable insights into the performance of the product. The temperature induced stresses produced by the thermal load are important in defining the durability of the VIG product. The paper presents the results of these analyses. The heat transfer coefficients associated with the VIG are normally assumed to be constant over its surfaces. These are defined in units of W m-2 K-1.

The thermo-mechanical performance of the VIG is significantly affected by the design of the pillars. The size of the pillars, their material, and the geometry of their contacts with the glass panes have significant effects on the performance of the structure. The shape of the pillars has also been studied, and a finite element model is used to investigate the performance of a free-edgeedge configuration.

Acoustic Performance

Several studies have been conducted to analyse the thermal and acoustic performance of vacuum insulating glazing (VIG). In the present study, the effects of material properties on the dynamic and static response of VIG plates were investigated.

First, numerical analyses were carried out to determine the geometrical parameters of the plates. These parameters were then used for free vibration analysis. The effect of variable geometrical parameters on the Young’s modulus of the edge seal was studied. This parameter is critical to the dynamic response of the VIG plate. Next, the influence of the pillars’ material properties on the dynamic and static response of the VIG plate was studied. These parameters included the size and the spacing of the pillars. Increasing the spacing between the support pillars leads to greater displacements.

VIG Blocks Medium And Low Frequency Penetrating Noises

VIG blocks medium and low frequency penetrating noises. It is a tempered glass with all the characteristics of vacuum-insulated glass plus an extra dose of durability and reliability. Aside, from the obvious safety features, VIG is a great choice for architects and builders looking to achieve maximum energy efficiency. As well as being the aforementioned old’ fashioned insulator, VIG provides outstanding thermal insulation performance to ensure interior glass surfaces remain dry even when the outdoor temperature plummets to -40°F. It is also SGCC certified. The VIG can deliver a thermal insulation performance up to 14 times that of traditional monolithic insulating glass. Besides improving thermal efficiency, it also improves noise abatement. Specifically, a single VIG can replace the monolithic glare proof lite in a one-inch IG unit, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a tempered glass product without the headaches.

Aside, from its impressive thermal insulation capabilities, VIG has some other interesting properties. For instance, it has an estimated life span of more than 25 years. It is surprisingly lightweight at less than 10 kilograms per square meter. In addition, it is remarkably easy to fabricate.

Vitro Glass

AIS Acousticglas is a laminated glass that offer excellent sound absorption properties. This Glass helps to create quiet environment can be used in commercial and residential spaces to help eliminate external noise. They are available in a wide range of thickness and sizes to fit a variety of applications. This glass meets high quality international standards. AIS glass can be incorporated with other types of glass for multi-functional glazing.

Having a peaceful interior increases productivity. A quiet atmosphere is essential for faster recovery. Achieving a quiet environment will allow people to focus on their studies instead of being distracted. This will also enhance the comfort and security of the entire building.

A VacuMaxVIG unit will close the gap between glass and walls and enhance the performance of any glazing configuration. It will provide thermal insulation performance that is at least 6 to 10 times better than traditional insulating glass. This unit is ideal for both commercial and residential renovations and new construction. It can be incorporated into virtually any traditional glazing system. The proprietary metal alloy edge seal system provides superior resistance to thermal expansion.

Final Thought

If you plan to buy VIG glass, compared to standard insulating glass units, VIG offers a soundproof performance with higher efficiency. This enables compliance with more stringent energy standards. In addition, its thin profile and light structure make it possible to design thin window and sash profiles. This can enable buildings to retain their original style.

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