Could micro-credentials compete with traditional degrees

We have witnessed many changes in the business landscape in the past few years and the education sector has not remained untouched by it. Educational programs are designed to supplement students with necessary learning needed to join the workforce and make successful careers. Though, in the current market, students cannot simply rely on a degree to be successful.

Micro-credentials help address the growing skill gap that is being faced in Canada and globally. These mini degrees specifically cater to providing necessary expertise which are needed to become qualified for a job role. Micro-credentials in Canada are becoming a popular means by which students are gaining quick training and knowledge to pursue different job roles.

Micro-credentials are popular and effective

With increasing usage of technology and the advent of many new tech tools, the entire business world has transformed. Old work processes have been replaced by AI and automation and traditional marketing is taking a backseat as digital becomes more prominent.

This has led to an increased requirement of a new workforce that is skilled and knowledgeable of the modern business changes. Working professionals and students are looking for new avenues where they can learn quick skills that employer’s desire. Micro-credentials is a form of high-quality education that effectively bridges the skill gap by giving learners adequate skills and preparing a modern workforce that is adept at handling new job functions.

Micro-credentials and traditional education

The popularity of micro-credential has led many to wonder if it will replace traditional education in the coming times. While this platform is perfect for someone to learn specialized skills, it is mostly a brilliant add on to traditional leaning. These nano degrees add on to one’s existing knowledge and makes them all the more capable of carrying out job roles in the modern business world.

Traditional education is still a vital requirement for students looking to progress professionally. Given that a bachelor or master’s degree offer in-depth understanding of important subjects, they remain a fundamental requirement for students.

But working professional and students don’t have to continually depend on such degrees that are costly and are earned over a long-time duration to get stable jobs. They can simply opt for micro-credentials that offer the relevant knowledge in a shorter time frame at an affordable cost making one job ready.

Workers can opt for different micro-credentials as per their own preference in a range of fields, be it marketing, finance or psychology or more. As new job postings require advanced skills, this becomes an easy and accessible way to become eligible for newer prospects.

Benefits of micro-credentials

Micro-credentials have various different benefits and they are offered by business schools, colleges, universities and even earned by participating in work projects. Employees are offered micro-credentials based on their performance in different projects where they demonstrate and learn new skills. Institutes or licensed organizations offer these micro-credentials in association with professional bodies.

The biggest advantage of these nano degrees is that they can be completed in a short time as some micro-credential degrees can be earned in even less than a month. Along with the short time duration, micro-credential certificates are also very affordable.

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