6 Engagement Trends That You Should Know About

Are you getting started with ring shopping? This could be an exciting time in your life as you are on the quest to find a pretty engagement band that elucidates how much you love her. There are various options available in the market, and it is crucial to research before you buy the most necessary accessory in your life. An engagement ring will be there with you throughout your lifetime.

When buying engagement rings, people are inclined toward buying traditional designs. Many individuals choose rings that are bold and trendy. This year, the market is seeing a mix of trends, with too many designs to choose from. Here are some top trends you should know before purchasing the ring.

  • Moi et Toi

Moi et Toi rings are the best choice if you are looking for a beautiful yet meaningful ring. From Megan Fox to Ariana Grande, the style icons have flaunted multi-stone engagement bands, and you can confidently buy this ring to surprise your love of life. 

Though engagement rings are in trend, they have been in history for several centuries. People know Napoleon as a great emperor but little did people know about his romantic gestures. He gifted his first wife the famous Moi et Toi ring in 1796.  

  • Gender-Neutral Rings

Celebrities, including Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner, were noticed wearing gender-neutral engagement bands. Though dainty rings are in trend, women choose bold styles linked with men’s fashion, and gender-neutral designs will continue to gain popularity in the upcoming years.

  • Vintage Rings

From solitaires to two0ring stones and double bands, today’s brides have various styles. However, the demand for vintage engagement rings is gaining the attention of modern brides. Though there are multiple styles, uniqueness is one aspect that today’s women look for. That’s why classic rings with distinctive characters are in demand. 

  • Contoured Rings

The stacked style has gained popularity over all these years, and women love the idea of stacking necklaces, bracelets or rings. If you can stack the accessories perfectly, your ensemble will be elevated to the next level in fashion. This trend is slowly translated over engagement bands, and stacking bands can give you a unique style. The stacked style allows individuals to curate a design that inculcates their favourite shapes and combos.

  • Oval Cut

The demand for oval-cut diamonds has increased this year as numerous celebrity engagements included oval-cut diamond bands in the previous year. It remains people’s favourite engagement ring style. According to Google Trends, oval engagement bands were the most searched ring cut for half a decade.

  • Coloured Stones

Though diamonds have been the preferred choice, the engagement band trends for this year emphasise more vibrant coloured stones. These stones have been a favourite choice for couples, and people now prefer unusual colour choices. The purchase of coloured engagement bands and wedding accessories has surged lately.     

Every year, the trends keep changing as people notice unique engagement ring styles that celebrities flaunt on social platforms. Though the style choices are personal, trends tend to influence people’s choices in many ways. These are the top engagement band trends for this year to purchase the best rings of your choice.

Whether you choose trend or tradition, you will have the engagement ring for a lifetime. It would be better if you could buy the ring from reputed jewellers. From the quality of stones to the metal, you need to consider every aspect of the engagement band.

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